Proprietor / Winemaker - Tim Beranek

Making wine has been a natural progression from Tim's career in golf; both require intense concentration, extreme attention to detail, and many decisions throughout.  Tim began his first winemaking internship at Kosta Browne (www.kostabrowne.com) in 2010.  Since, he has been Cellarmaster at Outpost (www.outpostwines.com) and Assistant Winemaker at Mending Wall (www.mendingwall.com).  Tim also makes Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for Bydand Wines (www.bydandwines.com).  The experience gained from working on multiple varietals has formed Tim's approach to making Young Hagen -- source from the best vineyards and be as hands-off as possible from there.

Tim and his wife, Ali, started Young Hagen in 2013 with two tons of Pinot Noir fruit and continue to use the best fruit they can source to create limited production wines.  They live in Sebastopol with their two boys -- the inspirations for the name Young Hagen. 

Please contact tim@younghagen.com if you have questions about our wines.  Thank you for your interest in Young Hagen!